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What We Believe

...the vision and doctrine of Newbridge Baptist Church
The Trinity

  1. We Believe in the Holy Trinity: (One God in three persons) God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  2. We Believe that the BIBLE IS God's INSPIRED, INERRANT, INFALLIBLE word for our lives.
  3. We Believe that the Church is the body of believers gathered together for the purpose of discipleship and worship guided by the Word of God.
  4. We Believe that Salvation comes by FAITH alone and in JESUS CHRIST alone.
  5. We Believe that Christ lived, died, was buried, and arose again on the third day for our sins "just as He said He would."
  6. We Believe that Jesus is coming again for His children. (The Rapture)
  7. We are Pre-Tribulation, Pre-Millennial.
  8. We are a conservative, Bible-believing church that is not legalistic.
  9. Our style of worship is blended (traditional and contemporary styles of music).
  10. We Believe that "Newbridge Baptist Church" should be a place where the whole family can come and be loved, fed, and belong.

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